Together with the Department of City Planning, the Flushing Willets Point Corona LDC completed its series of recommendations for land use actions along 40 acres on the Flushing waterfront.

When implemented, the proposal will:

  • Transform an area predominated by underutilized and vacant lots into a dynamic mixed-use neighborhood, including 2.5 million sf of new development
  • Encourage development that is compatible both with Flushing’s thriving downtown core and the future Willets Point development
  • Remake the waterfront into an accessible, active community destination that links Flushing, Willets Point, Flushing Meadows Corona Park through shared open space.


Thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the Department of State...

The LDC has completed a proposal in conjunction with a wide range of Flushing stakeholders, including multiple city and state agencies, property owners, Flushing CBOs, local elected officials, and the community.

Together, the LDC and  DCP strove to satisfy both private interests and public needs and incentivize property owners to redevelop underutilized sites, while ensuring that such redevelopment yields tangible public benefits. If it were not for the grant, this level of planning would not have been possible; the LDC could not have funded a similarly scaled initiative solely on its own, nor for that matter could any other Flushing CBO. Furthermore, the development that would likely have ensued in the BOA’s absence would further isolate the waterfront from the broader community, effectively wasting what is potentially a peerless community asset.

The BOA Nomination Study and Environmental Assessment Review are now available to the general public. Materials can be retrieved from the 2nd Floor in References at the Queens Library at Flushing and at the Flushing Willets Point Corona LDC office.

The completed BOA Nomination which includes a nomination study and an Environmental Assessment Review can be found by clicking to the right.

BOA updates and presentations of prior stakeholder meetings can be found clicking to the right.