Flushing Waterfront BOA Updates


The following are recent updates regarding the Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) nomination study, which lines along the 40-acre Flushing Creek waterfront.

06/15/2018: The Flushing Waterfront BOA receives official BOA Designation from Governor Cuomo's office. The press release can be read here.
09/22/2017- The LDC submitted the completed BOA Nomination Study and Environmental Assessment Review to the Department of State and is currently awaiting BOA designation. All relevant materials are available to the public by visiting either The Queens Library at Flushing, 2nd Floor- References, or the FWCLDC office.
06/13/2017- The LDC is currently completing the final draft of the nomination study and will release the planning draft to the public upon completion.
02/11/2016- A public meeting previously held regarding the Flushing West area may be viewed here.
02/03/2016- A stakeholder meeting previously held regarding the Flushing West area may be viewed here. 
11/23/2015- A small business assistance event held in partnership with Department of Small Business Services.
11/17/2015- Scoping meeting to describe the analysis framework for conducting the environmental review of the land use framework
10/07/2015- Public meeting with an update regarding land use framework based on the study's analysis thus far. 
09/20/2015- Public meeting with focus on service needs, affordable housing; zoning/land use; immigrant services; youth services; senior services; and jobs and businesses.
08/20/2015- Public meeting with a focus on Flushing’s needs related to the built environment, topics for discussion included affordable housing; transportation; environmental issues and brownfield remediation; waterfront and open space; and land use/the public realm. 
06/29/2015- A public meeting  the area’s local residents, business owners, property owners, and local community groups and advocates had the This opportunity to go at their own pace and share information with City agency representatives and the community about Flushing’s needs and assets. 
05/21/2015- A Flushing West kick-off public event was held at Flushing Town Hall (flyers were translated in English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish) where approximately 145 attendees gathered to learn about the area’s needs and goals. 
06/21/2012- Second public meeting held to update the community on the findings and analysis (i.e. the economic and market trends) and to present very preliminary recommendations and design concepts in response to feedback received from the previous Open House.  
10/11/2011- A public meeting/open house was held to obtain feedback on preliminary goals, identified issues and opportunities regarding the Flushing Waterfront Revitalization Plan.